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Logo Design Contest

The present business scenario in the UK market is ruthless and competitive. Considering this, it is vital to acquire a logo design to distinguish your business from the rest. It is also imperative in promoting the awareness of your brand and generates customer loyalty. The growing need for a brand identity has produced tremendous career prospects for UK logo designers. Furthermore, the internet has aided logo designers from all over the world to contribute their talent and make earnings through logo design contests.

 •  What is A Logo Design Contest?

A logo design contest at Logo Guru is an online marketplace for graphic design. Through crowdsourcing, we are able to provide you with amazing logo designs! After you start a project with us, our community of logo designers submits designs to that contest – based on your input! You will receive an affordable design customized just for you.

 •  How does a Design Contest works?

Start your project today for only $199 and see design concepts start to pile in. Don’t wait weeks – see your designs in a few days! Our international design community will compete to create the best design for you. You simply follow the steps below:
Step 1: Choose your contest type.
Step 2: Name your price.
Step 3: Fill out the Creative Brief to help direct designers.
Step 4: Give feedback and rate designs to improve your design submissions.
Step 5: Choose your winner!

 •  Why choose for your Logo Design Contest?

• Avoid paying a large amount and name your own price! From Logo Guru you’ll receive affordable design.
• Design concepts appear in days – not weeks.
• We guarantee up to 50 custom design concepts. We even provide a money back guarantee!
• We are the main design contest site that caters to the UK design market.
• Our designers are skilled at assessing the UK market and create designs accordingly.
• Aside from logo design, create a complete marketing campaign including stationery, business cards, website design and more.

  • Sharon H

    Sharrison Studios
  • Michael Roberts

    DHM Construction
  • “We should be able to create a website as artists, but we gave our ideas to Logo Design Guru and were just amazed at what they came up with.”

  • “As the Assistant Project Manager of DHM Construction, Michael wears many hats. using MycroBurst has helped Michael get professional graphic design without a lot of effort, allowing him to focus on his more important tasks.”

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