10 Fast Food Restaurant logos of UK – The spice of life!

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A logo design is meant to embody the true picture of a business entity. For a fast food restaurant, taste and experience are everything that needs to be exemplified. But taste and experience are two intangible qualities that are extremely tough to demonstrate. Fast food restaurants need to exhibit these features with precision and wholeness. This is where fast food logos come into play.

With fast food restaurant logos, you need to be extremely careful of the colors used. Since color has a deep impact on the appetite of your customers, employing the exact colors is vital. Black and white logo designs are not really suitable for a fast food restaurant. However, yellow and red are two colors known to produce hunger and build up the appetite of the customers. But market demographics are dissimilar in every region. In order to analyze the logo trends of fast food restaurants of the UK, we need to study the UK brand logos.

Here are 10 of the well-known fast food chains based in the UK.



Wimpy is a chain of fast-food hamburger restaurants based in the United Kingdom. It was established in the 1950s. The name was motivated by the character J. Wellington Wimpy from the hit cartoon serial ‘Popeye’. It is well known for its burger, popularly recognized as The Bender, a frankfurter sausage and not a hamburger patty.


Bagel Nash

Bagel Nash is a chain of bagel fast food restaurants based in UK. It was created in 1987 by Karen and Uri Mizrahi in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. At first they sued to buy bagels from a local Jewish baker but went on to manufacture themselves. It has 12 outlets: seven in Leeds, two in Manchester and one each in Huddersfield, London, and York.


Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage International is a UK based fast food chain established in 1994 as a partnership and incorporated in February 2001. Its unique flavor is made up of a combination of South Asian and Southern US flavors using halal ingredients. It presently owns and operates at six places in the UK. It further has 115 franchises in UK and 8 across borders.



Spudulike is a British based fast food franchise set up in Edinburgh in 1974. The chain was founded by Kim Culley and Barbara Leggate. Its specialty food products are baked potatoes (potatoes are also called "spuds" in slang British English), with a wide variety of fillings. Some f the various fillings comprise of baked beans, chicken tikka, chili con carne, grated cheese, coleslaw, cottage cheese, egg mayonnaise, prawn cocktail and tuna & sweetcorn.


Mr Cod

Mr Cod is the UK’s chief fast food take-away and restaurant business mastering in fish and chicken dishes. Mr Cod was launched in 1979 and is headed by Mr John Brewer. He is one of the innovative pioneers of fast food franchising in the UK. Mr Cod has been successfully trading for over 29 years and the company continues to expand its franchising interests on all levels.


Café Rouge

Café Rouge was founded by Roger Myers and Karen Jones as a small restaurant chain in 1989.  It is a French-style restaurant chain in the UK, offering an all-day serving of main course meals, lighter snacks and salads as well as an extensive wine list. It is part of the restaurant group Tragus Ltd.


Harry Ramsden’s

Harry Ramsden’s is a chain of fast food restaurant based in the UK. It was founded by Harry Ramsden in 1928 in a wooden hut in White Cross, Guiseley, West Yorkshire, Northern England. It is famous for its fish and chips and an assortment of themed dishes. The business has 36 owned and franchised outlets all over the UK and Ireland and caters around four million meals yearly.



PizzaExpress was founded by Peter Boizot in 1965 in Wardour Street, London. By 2003 there were more than 300 restaurants in the UK, as well as outlets in Ireland, where it operates as Milano, and Spain and France where the brand name is Pizza Milano. In other countries the business is branded as Pizza Marzano.


Poppins Restaurateurs

Poppins Restaurateurs Association Limited was founded in 1979. It focuses on providing a warm and friendly break for shoppers, office and shop workers and families who can take pleasures of flexible timings for eating. Their delectable and extensive menu includes Breakfasts, Grills, Fish, Steaks, Omelettes, World Favourites, Salads, Filled Jacket Potatoes, Burgers and a wide variety of lighter bite snacks.


Dixy Chicken:

Dixy Chicken is a fast food restaurant chain that concentrates specially on halal chicken. The company was established in 1986, and has 110 restaurants in UK, 6 restaurants in Pakistan, 1 each in France, Norway, Egypt and 4 outlets in Syria. The franchise is currently expanding its operations to Saudi Arabia and India as well.


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