30 Innovative Two-Letter Logos With Dual Meaning!

Feb 24, 2012 | Categories: Double Meaning Logos, Innovative Logos, UK Logo Designs | Written By: Sam Anderson

One of the most resourceful talents in the field of design is brand identity development. This is because logos are prime constituents of a memorable brand. They determine the level of trust, recognition and loyalty for an organization. The beauty of a logo design lies in its ability to mesmerize the target audience through its unusual and atypical approach of communication.

Of the various techniques of identity designing, typographic logos are the most common form. You must be familiar with one letter logos that exhibit the entire company message using a solitary alphabet. For instance, the McDonald’s legendary ‘M’ shaped arches symbol is easily identifiable and recalled.

But for companies with two words in their names, one letter may not be enough to communicate the message. For that purpose, the need for two-letter logos is manifest. Similarly, a company with four words in its name would require four-letter logos. Recall the Baskin Robbins brand identity that uses two initials ‘B’ and ‘R’ to hide the numeral 31, representing its flavors of ice-cream. In short, the two-letter logo is successful in communicating a dual message to the target audience.

This is the theme of today’s post…two letter logos with dual meaning. Below, I have amassed a collection of 30 innovative two-letter inspirational logos that exhibit dual meaning in them.


Embrace Beer



Network Expertise




HD Live


Education International

Trend Tulip


East Village



Elettro Domestici

Treacy Shoes


Kevin Kennedy Associates



Edge Board



Baby Online

LS Diam


Elle Hive Tractor

MJ Design


City Direct

Hartford Whalers



Iron Mountain



LW Development


Creative Block

Crazy dollar





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  1. siba sahu Says:

    Creative logos :)

  2. Lemon Colly Says:

    I need to make myself on of these…

  3. Mike Says:

    I love this logos so much, thanks for sharing! I like the negative space concept…

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