15 Honest Logos of Famous brands – The Truthful Names!

Jan 11, 2012 | Categories: Company Logos, Logo Design | Written By: Sam Anderson

Ever wondered how famous brands conceal their true identity under the cloak of their logo design? Even though companies portray themselves as being extremely beneficial and useful entities, sometimes you wonder if that is their real purpose. For instance, social networking site Twitter consumes so much of our daily time that frankly speaking it should have been name ‘Time Pass’. Similarly, Facebook is another addictive obsession that causes much distraction for logo designers. I’d say ‘Procrastination’ would be a better name for this social networking site.

Apart from my own suggestions for truthful brand names, artist Viktor Hertz has conjured up his own versions of candid brand identities called ‘Honest Logos’. The project reveals what the logos for famous brands should actually be. This project was originally done for the purpose of humor, but if you watch these funny logo parodies some of them are extremely apposite.

So have a look and decide yourself if these 15 ‘honest logos’ truly expose the company’s true purpose.


1. Dunkin Donuts Buildin’ Bodyfat


2. MySpace Noplace


3. Nokia Nokids


4. Olympics Money Rings


5. Walt Disney Pictures Very Cheesy Pictures


6. Harley Davidson Adult toys


7. Starbucks Sugarbomb combos


8. Hollywood Hollywood Recycle


9. Budweiser Bellyexpander


10. IMDB Nerd info


11. Nintendo Procrastination


12. Marlboro Money waster


Inspired by Viktor’s work, I created a few of my own versions of honest logos. Hope you enjoy them. :)


13. eBay Upay


14. Google Doodle


15. Twitter Timepass


8 Appreciated comments to “15 Honest Logos of Famous brands – The Truthful Names!”

  1. Calgary Design Says:

    Not sure if I get what the “doodle” one means… The rest are pretty cool thanks :)

  2. Alan Says:

    hehe love these, totally true. Im a real Google Doodle daily fan :)

  3. Phelix Says:

    But, number 11 not Nintendo, its PlayStation

  4. Wubbleyou web design Says:

    Number 3 made me chuckle, I remember when my 3310 was all the rage!

  5. JC Says:

    Poor myspace haha – these are great, thanks!

  6. Melbourne web design Says:

    All very cute and made me have a little bit of a laugh. Love the UPAY one, it should be plastered on the front of my website. “UPAY FIRST” ;-) .

  7. nick Says:

    very honest indeed, however #11 isn’t nintendo- it’s playstation. wouldn’t want to upset the wrong fanboys would we?

  8. Lars Says:

    Good ones :)

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