60 Delicious Logos for Food and Restaurants

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Every one is a foodie to certain extent. Some people love to eat whereas some live to eat. Food inspires a person most; its smell and aroma, its taste and its presentation can inspire countless individuals. Similarly, logo designers also get their inspiration from food. There are so many butcheries, restaurants and cafes out there and they all need great logos for them. It is quite difficult for logo designers to create new sorts of logo designs for such businesses but their inspirations make them design amazing logos every time any restaurant or bakery is in need of a nice logo.

Conceiving and designing a nice restaurant or bakery logo is not easy at all, it takes a lot of visualizing skills to come up with a new and different logo. There are many logo designers who have worked on different logo designs but most of them are of the view that designing a food logo is really creative and not everyone’s cup of tea. This is the reason why it takes a lot of efforts and guts for a designer to come up with some interesting logo designs for bakeries, butcheries, cafes and restaurants.

It has been seen that these logos are vibrant in colors and try to appeal people in every possible way. Bright colors have strong impact over people and this makes them urge for the brand to taste and experience. Following is a collection of some greatly designed logos for bakeries, restaurants and butcheries etc. These logos are aesthetically visualized and designed by the logo designers. Share your comments and views.


1. Almaharah

2. Strudelhaus


3. Natural food

4. Casa Damian

Natural Food
Casa Damian



5. BBQ Mafia

6. The Bite Simphony

BBQ Mafia
The Bite Simphony



7. Allfood

8. Villa Belmonte 1

Villa Belmonte 1


10. Cul de sac bar

Cul de sac bar

11. Zest Cozinha Criativa

12. The Cowshed

Zest Cozinha Criativa
The Cowshed

13. GREMIUM Restaurant

14. Hunger Stops Here

GREMIUM Restaurant
Hunger Stops Here

15. Botanical Bakery

16. Beachy Cream

Botanical Bakery
Beachy Cream


18. Bakers of Paris

Bakers of Paris

19. WOW Baking

20. Kath Eats Real Food

WOW Baking
Kath Eats Real Food

21. Bloom Bake Shop

22. Identity

Bloom Bake Shop






25. Cookie Momsters

26. UrbanJuiceBar

Cookie Momsters



27. Francesca’s

28. Masai bistro lounge

Masai bistro lounge

29. Krim Restaurant

30. LBOI

Krim Restaurant

31. kebaba

32. chef


33. Pomerode Gastronomia

34. Brand identity

Pomerode Gastronomia
Brand identity

35. Baus Catering

36. Adega do Alfredo

Baus Catering
Adega do Alfredo

37. Comercializadora Chuyin

38. Cia do Suco

Comercializadora Chuyin
Cia do Suco

39. Wendy’s Kids Meal

40. Swift Spoon Catering

Wendy's Kids Meal
Swift Spoon Catering

41. Lac An

42. Royal Muffin Company

Lac An
Royal Muffin Company

43. Crepers

44. Carolina Kitchen BBQ

Carolina Kitchen BBQ



45. medan baru

46. Food Dudes Delivery

medan baru
Food Dudes Delivery



47. Rib Xpresss

48. The Royal Chocolate Company

Rib Xpresss
The Royal Chocolate Company

49. puorco

50. Waroeng Iga

Waroeng Iga

51. Green Mouse Light

52. The Happy Chef

Green Mouse Light
The Happy Chef

53. Domitila Restaurante Cafe

54. chef’s recipe

Domitila Restaurante Cafe
chef's recipe

55. restaurant piment

56. Tomasso

restaurant piment

57. Balzane Restaurant

58. Simply Bee Tea

Balzane Restaurant
Simply Bee Tea

59. Bella Kitchenware

60. Three Rivers Market

Bella Kitchenware
Three Rivers Market

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