10 Famous Logos with Simple Shapes – Clever Use of Geometry!

Dec 1, 2011 | Categories: Logo Design, UK Logo Designers, UK Logo Designs | Written By: Sam Anderson

Some graphic and logo design students seldom have a negative predisposition with the subject of Math. For example, they would say “I want to become a logo designer so I won’t need all this.” But the truth is, learning your shapes and angles in geometry are crucial to become a successful designer.

The reason why I say this is that some of the most famous logos were created using simple shapes. Although when we view the final logo, we believe that there must be complex symbols used in designing famous logos like Pepsi and FedEx. But in reality, they were formed with the help of simple shapes like triangles, squares and rectangles that we learn in middle school geometry class. But this doesn’t mean that the logo design processes behind these logos was easy too. It is just to say that simple shapes build up in creating a memorable brand identity.

Today, let’s take a look at how to re-create 10 famous logos using simple and easy geometric shapes. Do try creating them and you will be amazed at how easy they are to design:


1. Sun Microsystems logo

The Sun Microsystems logo portrays four intertwined replicas of “sun”. But the real secret behind making this skillful logo is by creating a magnet shaped symbol which itself is formed by using two rectangle shapes and a semi-circle.


2. Pepsi logo

Would you believe that the old Pepsi logo was created by combining a few geometrical shapes? Although the conceptual process behind the logo that resembles shape of a bottle cap was extensive, but the symbols used to create it were rather simple. Anyone who knows Photoshop can create this logo using two semi circles (red and blue) and drag the curve shape (‘~’ on the keyboard) between them.


3. Adobe Logo

Although it appears to be a tricky logo, you can easily make it by using a combination of a red parallelogram, a white triangle and a red square.


4. SANYO logo

Many of us believe the Sanyo identity was created using a typographic logo. But the creativity exhibited in the letter ‘N’ was created using a few geometrical shapes. Just merge a rectangle shape with ten parallel linear rectangles and you get the desired outcome.


5. Chanel logo

Chanel, one of the most renewed fashion brands. Its logo which reveals two overlapping C’s, was created using two circles inter-looped on one another. After that two white triangles are added on each side to create the letter ‘C’ form.


6. Chase logo

The JPMorgan Chase Bank logo includes a peculiar shape that comprises of four right-angle trapezoids. These shapes were simply created by using a square and a right-angled triangle.


7. Alzheimer’s Australia logo

Alzheimer’s Australia has a logo design that is creative and meaningful. Although it may seem complicated, it was designed using six simple circles, two being white and four of them blue.


8. IBM logo

Even though we now have an “IBM font” that can be easily used, this logo was created using symbols and not just typography. Try designing this logo by inputting the word “IBM” and then insert seven white stripes over the text.


9. Cargoline logo

The ‘K’ derived out of a ‘C’ is a work of art. But the working behind this is simple. The conjoined letters ‘C’ and ‘L’ are created using three rectangle shapes and two circles.


10. HBO logo

The TV channel HBO holds a logo which consists of a circle within an ‘O’ create a bulls-eye effect. You can simply create this logo using two black circles and a white one.


4 Appreciated comments to “10 Famous Logos with Simple Shapes – Clever Use of Geometry!”

  1. James Gordon Says:

    These famous examples show that a powerful advertising logo does not have to rely on complicated graphics. A thorough knowledge of the company and its products often helps to produce a message with concept art that rings true for its very simplicity.

  2. CoachMhairi Says:

    Thanks for collecting these together.

    I think the ones that work best, are those where the negative space is also nice (Pepsi, CargoLine, HBO & Alzheimer’s)

    Seeing the HBO logo quite large, I suddenly realised it has much in common with Target’s logo (http://www.target.com/) I wonder which came first?

  3. Richard Hill Says:

    Keep it simple and less is more – shows it works!

  4. Web Design Florida Says:

    I will never be able to look at these logos again without knowing how they were conceived. Never even occurred to me that the Chanel C’s were just circles with triangles through them. Great designs.

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