What if Google buys Famous brands – Logos in Google style!!

Mar 10, 2010 | Categories: Company Logos, Corporate Logos | Written By: Sam Anderson

It is a common practice that large companies in fright of competition buy out their competitors. A recent example is Kraft takeover of Cadbury. After the acquisition, the company either keeps the same logo design or alters it to their desires. While surfing on Google one day, a thought came to my mind… how would it end up if Google buys some of the top companies and alter their logo design?

Google, as we all know, is definitely the biggest search engine on the web. Google has always followed a similar pattern of colors (red, blue green and yellow) in logo designing for its ventures like Google Chrome and Google Buzz. I wonder what would happen if Google started acquiring famous corporations like Yahoo and Coca Cola? How would it stamp these logo designs with its powerful identity? This gave me a thought…why not try it myself!

Witness the transformation of 10 of the most well-known brands “Google style”.


Yahoo Logo in Google Style

Yahoo - Google logo design

CocaCola Logo in Google Style

CocaCola - Google logo design

facebook Logo in Google Style

facebook - Google logo design

Microsoft Logo in Google Style

Microsoft - Google logo design

FedEx Logo in Google Style

FedEx - Google logo design

Disney Logo in Google Style

Disnep - Google logo design

ESPN Logo in Google Style

ESPN - Google logo design

Amazon.com Logo in Google Style

Amazon.com - Google logo design

Twitter Logo in Google Style

Twitter - Google logo design

DELL Logo in Google Style

DELL - Google logo design
Which of these famous logos you liked in Google Style?

18 Appreciated comments to “What if Google buys Famous brands – Logos in Google style!!”

  1. Emily Reed Says:

    Haha. Very creative of you. Although I know that won’t happen still if ever that becomes a likely possibility, I have only 2 words for this scenario… ‘God Forbid’!

  2. Letterheads Says:

    The all powerful and pervading influence of the big G. Yahoo won’t thank you – perhaps a view of things to come?!

  3. Scarlett Fu Says:

    hahaha nice!

  4. adam Says:

    This is a really interesting example of the power branding and “owning” a color. Of course it looks funny when other logos are colored in Google’s brand colors because they are so strong. Hertz = yellow, T-Mobile = Magenta, IBM = Blue, etc.

  5. Dylan Mazziotti Says:

    Yahoo! Looks the best.
    Disney a close second.

  6. Carson Shold Says:

    I love posts like this.

    The Yahoo logo actually fits nicely with those colours – maybe a bit of foreshadowing ;)

  7. Nikola Lazarevic Says:

    Superb idea. Love it :)

  8. CalyxMoon Says:

    Maybe Yahoo looks best with Google colors because of the happy tints, if you look at it. How exclamation marks are either a sign of happiness or actual excitement. Plus the colors, it enhances Yahoo’s outlook totally! :D

  9. Creative Ideas Says:

    Funny idea! Congrats!

  10. Alvaro G. Ghisolfo Says:

    Haha, excellent reasoning.

    You can also see how would be the most famous brands if they were in Spanish (only funny to people speaking)

    Greetings and congratulations,

    » Alvago »»» alvago.com.ar

  11. Jake B Says:

    A funny Idea, but Google wouldn’t change the logos of big companies they acquire. Look at youtube.

    but still a fun exercise, Yahoo! does look kinda ok like that.

  12. jaz Says:

    One of the most unimaginative posts i’ve seen in a long time.

  13. K Says:

    ESPN logo seriously reminds me of UNO instead… so is Dell.

  14. Lisa Says:

    Sorry, but I agree with Jaz who said:
    “One of the most unimaginative posts i’ve seen in a long time.”

    Re-colour and add bevel/emboss is hardly a “transformation”.

    For really thought provoking logo designs I suggest taking a gander at

  15. Logo Design Next Says:

    Microsoft’s logo looks better this way. :)

  16. Byazid Says:

    i think Disney is looking cool…

  17. adam Says:

    i like dell in google style the best

  18. adam w. Says:

    look! abc=red THX=blue fox=green

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