10 Famous Logos and Their Stories – Revealing the Hidden Truth

May 4, 2012 | Categories: Brand Identities, famous brands, famous logos, Logo Design | Written By: Sam Anderson

When creativity and technology blend together, they give birth to a masterwork which speaks for itself. Logos are meant to glorify the significance of a company and distinguish them among others. But they sometimes lead organization to controversies, which are big enough to lead the company into ruins. It’s a kind of advertisement in which the more controversial you are the more notorious you get.

Some brands even started a logo design contest to get their brand identities developed. Here are the fascinating stories behind the billion dollar brands and their logo designs.


1. Apple

One of the world’s leading brands, Apple was founded by Steve jobs and his partners in 1976. Apple’s icon is a bitten apple and is rumored that it signifies the forbidden fruit symbolically an apple. Furthermore the eating of this fruit by Adam and Eve in the Eden was a not good deed. That led Adam and Eve to be banished from heaven.

2. Starbucks

This is an interesting fact that I’m sure most of you might not know. Starbucks have taken its green lady symbol’s inspiration from a siren of Greek mythology. Sirens are dangerous creatures in mythology, which used to trap sailors by attracting them with their beauty and then killed them.


3. Versace

Vanity and promiscuity will ruin you! You may have come across to this notion before. But here a horrifying fact about Versace, its old logo portrays a woman personified as Medusa. She is said to be a taboo in history. In short Medusa was a lusty lady and had gone so far in this melody. She is said to be punished by Athena for her sins. But still Versace has its own side of story.

4. Comedy Central

You may have seen this logo but take a look at it again. You can find a ‘C’ within a ‘C’. This is so cleverly made symbol. Comedy Central logos were never so interesting previously, but this time they have shown their creativity.


5. London 2012 Olympics

Olympics logo has fallen to controversy once again but this time it’s critical than before. The ‘2012’ you can observe in the upper part of the picture somehow gives a glimpse of an obscene and objectionable act being performed. Moreover, Iran also objected London 2012 Olympics Logo to spell out ‘Zion’.


6. BMW

The significance of sky blue and white color in BMW’s logo symbolizes it origin from Bavaria, the German State where it was first made. Moreover, the shine and gradient effect shown in its logo design gives reference to the first rotating air propeller made by BMW.


7. Volkswagen

These days, luxury sedans are taking the soul of a reckless sports car. You may not know that Volkswagen’s sedan was named after Phaeton. Phaeton was the son of Apollo, a Greek God.  Phaeton was killed in the sky of his reckless riding on the chariot allegedly by Zeus.


8. Vodafone

One of the strongest controversies, Vodafone is accused of promoting the satanic beliefs through its logo. It is said that the red color in the logo represents the satanic flag and the three six in the logo refer to the beast in the book of revelation.


9. Chicago Blackhawks

The picture on the jerseys of Chicago Blackhawks is derived from their founder’s military unit, ‘Blackhawk Division’. Though it may be offensive for many after revealing the fact behind it, but there is nothing to worry about.


10. Mercedes Benz

One of world’s best motor cars, Mercedes Benz logo speaks for its company’s mission itself. Star in the logo point towards three things. For Mercedes, it symbolizes dominance over land, water and air. Scientifically speaking they are dominating over matter in all its three states.


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  1. STAAL Says:

    I call shenanigans on the Apple logo. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Adam and Eve bit into an apple. It was fruit. It could have been an apple, but it might have been an orange or banana or whatever. Although Banana Computers sounds way less cool.

  2. Sanjoy Mitra Says:

    Nice compilation . Thanks !

  3. Endays Says:


    rumored that it signifies the forbidden fruit symbolically an apple


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