30 Corporate Logos with taglines – What do they say?

Mar 16, 2010 | Categories: Corporate Logos | Written By: Sam Anderson

We are constantly bombarded by millions of corporate logos through the media, be it print, billboards, television or the internet. But have you ever thought…why would anyone pay attention to YOUR brand logo? In our ever so complex world, simplicity is the key to effective communication. For that purpose, your logo design needs a catchy slogan that has the ability to mesmerize the audience. Consider the likes of McDonald’s ever so alluring “I’m Lovin’ it” and Nike’s all-famous “Just Do it”. These slogans depict the entire picture of the company in a few words.


Famous logos with slogans:


Adidas logo design

adidas - Logoguru.co.uk

Mc Donald’s logo design

Mc donald - Logoguru.co.uk

Nokia logo design

nokia - Logoguru.co.uk

Nike logo design

nike - Logoguru.co.uk

Burger King logo design

berger king - Logoguru.co.uk

To me, a logo design without a tagline is like a hot dog without mustard :) . A logo design coupled with tagline or a slogan portrays the essence of your company. It is a mantra that arouses feelings, and influences decisions of the customers. Using a slogan with your logo design can help:

  • Express the core essence of your company.
  • Boost your corporate or brand image.
  • Make your logo design memorable.
  • Enable your logo design to stand out from the crowd.
  • Enhance customer retention and brand recall.
  • Make your corporate culture lively.

But to come up with captivating slogans require cleverness and ingenuity. For your inspiration, I have collected 30 logos accompanied with the most appealing taglines.


Instant Adventures


Gold Finger




Life Works


Robinson Forest Management


Boj Games


Idea Couch




End Movies Piracy


The Keyboarder


Husband 4 Hire


Ezee Web


Going the Extra Mile




Your TV


The Genius Group, Inc






Two Heads one Idea






Ms Behave & Mr Lucky


The Point






Nicholas Finance




Tre Daily



A strong and appealing tagline helps in building a strong corporate identity. However, looking at this collection, tell me “is it a hard and fast rule to have a tagline?”

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6 Appreciated comments to “30 Corporate Logos with taglines – What do they say?”

  1. Hal Swetnam Says:

    There are taglines, and there are brandlines. And the more powerful of the two are always brandlines. These are the brilliant statements that express a brand’s core value, and they become much more essential to all audiences, internal and external. Brandlines are corporate mantras that inform the leadership of organizations, and help to guide the evolution of the brand.
    JUST DO IT is a great example. Sure it’s a memorable line. Nike has put billions of marketing dollars behind it. But it is just as significant to Nike management and associates as it is to the average consumer. In three little words, this brandline conveys the corporate philosophy: Don’t wait. Act now. Stay ahead. It’s an idea that has helped keep the organization at the top of it’s game for decades.
    You included a good number of consumer brands in the logo/tagline selection. My company works with a lot of B2B brands. In that space, brandlines are even more essential because target audiences aren’t always as familiar with the organization. It’s often important for B2B brands to be more streamlined, and more efficient with marketing budgets, so we develop brandlines that help them clearly express their value.
    So is it absolutely critical to have a tagline? No. A consumer brand can thrive without one (look at Apple). But if you’re working with an organization who hasn’t quite nailed their positioning, or hasn’t been able to articulate its value to prospective customers and internal audiences, then you better be working to develop a brandline — a corporate mantra.

  2. Tad Dobbs Says:

    While I do agree that a tagline can enhance and build on your logo, I have to disagree that it a requirement. I don’t think that every logo needs a tagline, and in some cases logos can suffer from having a tagline. One example above is the Goldfinger logo. The logo by itself is clever with a nice combination of negative and positive space to created the monogram while also implying a hand with an extended finger. The tagline is overkill and makes the overall concept feel cheap and dumbed down. Just as a great logo doesn’t have to have a mark, likewise it doesn’t have to have a tagline.

    Thanks for the great post.

  3. Byazid Says:

    i Think every brand and company have to mention it… so that there wont be any confusion among customer when they see the logo..though it is impossible i guess..

  4. Sunny Says:

    The requirement of the tagline really depends on the logo and how it portrays the business. Everyone today recognises Nike’s logo even without the tagline but on entering the market, the swoosh and brand name would be meaningless without the logo. As Tad Dobbs mentioned above regarding goldfinger, he was right about the tagline being overkill. The tagline basically repeated what the logo itself was saying and ruined it.

  5. Judy Says:

    Thanks guys. I was wondering if I needed a tagline desperately or not. Your opinions have helped and I am no longer torn between forcing a tagline with my logo.

  6. Vinay Says:

    What is wrong with Gold finger tag line, its perfect as it says We will help you grow, just need to integrate with us! A logo has become a basic requirement for every company to show the way of a style as well a tag line to attract the customers and induce confidence in them..!

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